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How making a film is like a launching a startup

Charles Ferguson, filmmaker of No End In Sight (see it!), compares making a film with starting a company. Ferguson created a company, Vermeer, that made a product called FrontPage HomeSite, which got bought by Microsoft. [via Sheila Lennon] UPDATE: Press Conference with filmmaker and principal interviewees at Sundance Festival in January 2007. In two parts. […]

Though quake was an 8, it felt like a 6 in Lima

Some analysis of the earthquake. Aftershocks for months, type of fault, and what it felt like in Lima. “In this case, based on the modeling we’ve done, Lima, the capital, experienced an intensity of around 6, so about 7 million people suffered from strong ground-shaking,” Benz said. “Had this earthquake been closer to Lima than […]

cool workspaces

A collection of photos of workspaces, culled from all over. [via Smashing Mag]

Whoa. Peru Earthquake “upgraded” to 8.0

…according to the USGS World Big Earthquake list. And two aftershocks that are 6.0 and 6.3, along with many that are over 5.0. One thing is that the epicenters are relatively deep. The shallowest quake is at a depth of 10 kilometers, most ar over 30 kilometers. It’s the shallow ones — like the 6.7 […]