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The burned out writer

Looks like a theme for today is writing. Just saw this from Anne Truitt Zelenka: Dealing with Burnout: The artist’s date and the I Ching. The artist’s date, something to fill you up in the place where you are “spent,” creatively…. she took one, and it led her to the I Ching For Writers, which […]

Perseid Meteor Showers: Get outta town tonight

Late tonight, early tomorrow morning is the time to be away from city lights, awake, and looking up. Right now is new moon (no moon), so viewing conditions are really good. Bad Astronomy’s tips — 12 things you need to watch the Perseid meteors Sunday night Spaceweather‘s got a gallery — and a cool backyard […]

Writers in Training

Writers in Training. An interview with Edwart J. Delaney, who just completed a survey of top 10 MFA Writing programs in the Atlantic. (The survey itself is behind subscriber paywall)

Amy Tan, Bonesetter’s Daughter, Rejection

I recently read Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter. And enjoyed it. It covers themes I’m interested in: cross-cultural and cross-generational differences, dealing with a difficult parent and caretaking, and learning about events in the past. I liked the beginning and middle –especially the middle — better than the end. So I was interested to see […]