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Weekly World News meets God!

This article is something akin to gossip at a funeral by a (former?) writer of Weekly World News, who describes his experience working for the pub. I was, at first, confused about whether I was supposed to write true offbeat news, general satire or complete fabrication. So I asked. The response was loud and clear: […]

Space for basil in space

More basil news!! It’s Basil week here at 2020 Hindsight. Flying aboard Endeavor are millions of basil seeds that are part of Barbara Morgan’s lesson plans in space part of the payload. They’ll be distributed to students (K-12) after the flight. The flown basil seeds will be used by students to test their own designs […]

following events at KSC

The Endeavour launch blog is up.

Some of the shuttle crew

Some of the shuttle crew

My cel phone’s beeping at me with the first of what will be many updates about the shuttle launch at 6:36 eastern (3:36 Pacific) today. This update: Shuttle is fueled. This is STS-118, aboard Endeavour. The launch I went to in 2002 was also Endeavour. (Endeavour flew in June 2002, November 2002, and then underwent […]

link dump

Some longer articles I need to read, or posts to follow up on. But bookmark first. The Black Sites A rare look inside the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program. by Jane Mayer Can’t read it all at once: The Nation: The other war: Iraq Vets Bear Witness Air Force charges victim in her own rape. Will […]

Maybe I didn’t read that right

Just saw this headline: General Blames Clerical Errors In the Case of Missing Arms and thought it was another one of those Walter-Reed medical care for the military news stories.