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ruh roh: Kids judge food by the cover

and prefer McDonalds-branded food to plain-wrap.

Will more women at Caltech translate to less glomming?

LA Times reports that enrollment of frosh women at Caltech is up. (Same with Harvey Mudd). The aricle devotes a scant paragraph to a topic that was discussed at length Saturday evening at a gathering I attended: glomming. Caltech students said they are not expecting a revolution in social life or an end to the […]

Voting Machines in California round-up

Excellent post with background and context (and snark!) on the recent events of California Secretary of State decertifying machines. [via LA Observed] An excerpt (emphasis in original): A lot of officials —including the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, a person named Conny McCormack— immediately screamed bloody murder saying that Bowen is creating an unnecessary panic. News […]

Contact Lens wearer? Read this: Solution recalled

Contact Lens wearer? Read this: Solution recalled

It’s been a while since I wore contacts, but I saw this notice of a recall for AMO’s Complete Moisture Plus solution. “The multipurpose solution fails to protect users from an amoeba that can cause acanthamoeba keratitis.” Of those who get the disease, 25% need corneal replacements. Yikes. Gory infected eye picture came from this […]