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Phoenix in Tucson

Phoenix in Tucson

Phoenix launch websites, activities in Tucson, AZ. The Phoenix mission is being run by U of A. Here’s the Phoenix web site at U of A And the Pima Air Museum has a special Phoenix event tomorrow, 4 August, 9am- 1pm. AZ Starnet says that the event will feature a special replay of countdown and […]

No end in sight: Sunday in Pasadena, 1:55pm

Lately, my film viewing has been like my book reading: nonfiction (Harry Potter 7 excepted). Today a new documentary opens locally. Called No End In Sight, it’s a reputed even-handed (read: not overtly politicized) examination of the war in Iraq, focusing on the immediate post-invasion/liberation timeframe. Here’s a bit more about the movie from three […]

A bit more on Phoenix and landing on Mars

The first part of the press briefing made me a bit anxious. The discussion was about landing the spacecraft. Having witnessed two wildly successful Mars landings, with the rovers, I know a bit more what’s involved with getting the spacecraft through the atmosphere and safely on the surface of the planet. The next Mars landing […]