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The area code thing

Okay, call this fair use. Or fandom. Or dial phone geekery. It’s an excerpt from the book Microserfs, by Douglas Coupland, from the time when area code numbers had a middle number of either 0 or 1: “Here’s something interesting… did you know you can figure out how important your state or province was circa […]

California License Plate Trivia

California License Plate Trivia

Franklin Ave notes that California license plates are now in the Sixes. And then proceeds to describe all the past eras of plates and when they were issued. I love geeky detail like that. It’s right up there with the discussion on area codes that was in the novel Microserfs. (of which more, see here […]

Phoenix briefing

Missed statements, except for the weather-related ones. The briefing recap here (this link’ll grow stale fast) says that things look good after the 24-hour weather-related delay. The reason for the ridiculously early launch time 5-something am local time is weather. Best weather time is late night/early morning (20% chance of no go for weather). They’re […]

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse news sources

I’m following the stories about the I-35W Bridge collapse here: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Strib). The local paper covers the local events. (You gotta enter your year of birth and zip code and gender to read more than the front page) Bloggers: Captain’s Quarters is following events very closely . Through him, I’ve seen a security […]