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Fantastic Objects: Self Inflating Air Mattress (and rain)

Yeah, sure, the computer is kinda cool. All those gizmos are kinda cool. But the big jaw-dropper that’s had me exclaiming the most of late? A self-inflating air-mattress. Open a valve and this air mattress inhales and expands on its own. Fan-freaking-tastic. It’s patented. I slept on one of those for several nights in the […]

Back from Kaibab Plateau

That’s the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Wonderful location. Away from the Net and Cell Phones and all thing technological. Did I use the word “wonderful” already? Oh, yes, I did. Well, you get the idea. 😀

I can has toe shoes?

I went to see the American Ballet Theatre perform Sleeping Beauty in Orange County last night. New production, premiered 1 June, so this is new. And wonderful. No surprise there. Had a strange moment in the third act, at the Sleeping Beauty wedding celebration, when characters from fairy tales perform. Specifically, Puss-in-boots. Here come these […]

YouTube of the week… or the year

Pulse. A live action demonstration of animation effects. A trampoline party. Both statements are true. This is must see. (hat tip: Kai Gradert) p.s. I didn’t notice it until later, but check out the white progress bar! hee!

Media throwdown: Grrl watches TV so you don’t have to

My homegrrl wonders why bring on experts so you can talk over them and around them with your run of the mill run of the mouth wisdom?

There *is* ME in multimedia.

There is an I, too. Two of them. Multimedia Journalism Skills. A resource list of audio/slideshow/video/flash resources compiled by Mindy McAdams, author of Flash Journalism and the blog Teaching Online Journalism.