Dear Leader on the Couch

What do you get when you cross a psychoanalyst with certain CIA documents about Iraq obtained via FOIA? An armchair diagnosis of the [alleged] leader of our government.

What is the psychology of a President who doesn’t read his own Intelligence arm’s classified or declassified documents about the very country he is waging war on/for… Why doesn’t he have an astute reader who reads for him? What is his psychology anyway?

Actually, he does have readers; that’s the job of his cabinet and all, ALL his advisors. In reading so many direct reports of his meetings, his speeches, his casual conversations, I find evidence over and over, that President Bush only listens to the one note he himself can sing

…The other readers who sing what they know, the wiser ones who sing many notes, who sing open doors and ideas, who sing wisdom and who sing history, who sing about customs and culture and who sing cautions and warnings… those President Bush appears to simply not hear. Tone deaf.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés nails it with classic textbook chauvinism. Patria. Father first. Loyalty above all. And coins it all with another name, Megalomania.

What follows is a description of textbook megalomania that reads like something out of my old Abnormal Psych textbook. But it reads like something else. The newspaper and newssites over the last several years. Fascinating. Horrifying. It makes too much damn sense.

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