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Mars Phoenix Launch: Friday

I knew it was to launch in August, but I didn’t realize it was so close: Phoenix to launch on Friday. Phoenix mission home.

Dear Leader on the Couch

What do you get when you cross a psychoanalyst with certain CIA documents about Iraq obtained via FOIA? An armchair diagnosis of the [alleged] leader of our government. What is the psychology of a President who doesn’t read his own Intelligence arm’s classified or declassified documents about the very country he is waging war on/for… […]

BlogHer (or not)

I didn’t go to Chicago. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t go, or that BlogHer wasn’t in NoCal, or if I’m still recovering from my blissful away-from-all-things-media trip to North Rim of Grand Canyon (complete with new life goal: Hike down to Phantom Ranch and spend a few days down there and then […]

How do you know that?

A British news programme (or is the Jon Stewart-like satire?) gets to the bottom of a corporate-practice vs. the environment news story by using the straightforward question, “How do you know that?”