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41 Pounds

41 pounds: Weight of average annual junk mail received per year. a (tree-hugging) junk-mail stopping organization to help get all that crap out of your mailbox, contribute to local environmental organizations and make your life better. $41 Dollars. What it costs. Lasts 5 years. Looks very interesting. I was just talking w/ my Mom […]

Fantastic Objects: Self Inflating Air Mattress (and rain)

Yeah, sure, the computer is kinda cool. All those gizmos are kinda cool. But the big jaw-dropper that’s had me exclaiming the most of late? A self-inflating air-mattress. Open a valve and this air mattress inhales and expands on its own. Fan-freaking-tastic. It’s patented. I slept on one of those for several nights in the […]