I can has toe shoes?

I went to see the American Ballet Theatre perform Sleeping Beauty in Orange County last night. New production, premiered 1 June, so this is new. And wonderful. No surprise there. Had a strange moment in the third act, at the Sleeping Beauty wedding celebration, when characters from fairy tales perform. Specifically, Puss-in-boots. Here come these two dancing cats. My first thought: “OHAI!” and “I can has toe shoes?” (would love to have a foto to LOLcat it. Ah well)

4 responses to “I can has toe shoes?”

  1. Jill

    Hahahahah! That’s wonderful.

  2. Aaron Proctor


    Being a wrestling fan, this is my absolute favorite:

  3. Aaron Proctor
  4. Kate

    Haha, LOL. Like icanhascheezburger a lot 🙂