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Aah, perjury

Remember the good ole days, when they thought perjury was, like, a crime and due process was The Proper Thing To Do? (new acronym learned in the comments: IOKIYAR, something to bear in mind the day before we celebrate the signing of a document that stated “all men are created equal”)

List of CMSes

Found this list of content management system software apps at Wikipedia while looking for info on ASP/Windows NT-based database-driven sites. Here’s a question for any and all… have you worked with ASP? I remember a former colleague (a ColdFusion expert) was learning ASP, calling it AFL (another effing language). If you had to build a […]

Finally, Paris Hilton is, you know, real news

Because she did more jail time than Libby will.

Astute observations on our latest obstruction of justice

aka. Libby sentence commutation commentary: Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel), who knows this case inside and out, citing her most recent news appearances and commentaries about obstruction of justice: By commuting Libby’s sentence, Bush protected himself and his vice president from potential criminal exposure for their actions in the CIA Leak. As such, Libby’s commutation is nothing […]

Obstruction of Justice. What’s to hide?

Ususally prison sentences are commuted after they’re begun, after the prisoner has, you know, actually entered jail. Not this time. Bush couldn’t wait. What does Libby know that he’s not talking about, that Bush has to make sure he does not talk about? Why is it so important that his sentence is commuted now? Lots […]