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Mars Phoenix Launch: Friday

I knew it was to launch in August, but I didn’t realize it was so close: Phoenix to launch on Friday. Phoenix mission home.

Dear Leader on the Couch

What do you get when you cross a psychoanalyst with certain CIA documents about Iraq obtained via FOIA? An armchair diagnosis of the [alleged] leader of our government. What is the psychology of a President who doesn’t read his own Intelligence arm’s classified or declassified documents about the very country he is waging war on/for… […]

BlogHer (or not)

I didn’t go to Chicago. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t go, or that BlogHer wasn’t in NoCal, or if I’m still recovering from my blissful away-from-all-things-media trip to North Rim of Grand Canyon (complete with new life goal: Hike down to Phantom Ranch and spend a few days down there and then […]

How do you know that?

A British news programme (or is the Jon Stewart-like satire?) gets to the bottom of a corporate-practice vs. the environment news story by using the straightforward question, “How do you know that?”

Here be spoilers. Fun spoilers.

Harry Potter Fake spoilers. In two different threads. Don’t worry, they won’t give the show away: Some examples (from both threads): Ron and Hermoine join a group of youthful pickpockets in London. Gollum bites off Harry’s ring finger and falls into the depths of Mt. Doom. In their final encounter, Voldemort reveals, “Harry, I am […]

41 Pounds

41 pounds: Weight of average annual junk mail received per year. a (tree-hugging) junk-mail stopping organization to help get all that crap out of your mailbox, contribute to local environmental organizations and make your life better. $41 Dollars. What it costs. Lasts 5 years. Looks very interesting. I was just talking w/ my Mom […]