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There’s been a strange disturbance in the force

Robot Chicken Wars it was as if a million voices were laughing, and then were sighing.. or something. Bravo. via Shelley Powers

Great Moments in Serendipity

So, as I was preparing to shop for Doc M’s birthday present (disaster supplies, because it’s better to have it given to you than to get it yourself. Or rather, it’s better to buy it for someone else at the same time you buy it for yourself), he gets a phone call. Doc M: How […]

Happy Birthday, Andrea and Sheila

Andrea and Sheila, many happy returns of the day (I know it’s your birthdays because you share a birthday with Doc M, who’s very happy he didn’t have to spend his birthday inside the court system, on jury duty.)

The General’s Report

The story everyone’s talking about in the New Yorker: “How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties.” It goes all the way to the top. Criminal? or incompetent? It doesn’t have to be either/or, you know. Such a marked contrast with the book I finished reading yesterday, Doris Kearns […]

Mr. Rogers- 15 reasons he was the best neighbor, ever

From Koko to thieves to subway cars filled with people. via Karl Martino

Steve and Bill… and Mo?

Yes, yes, I saw the highlights clip of Steve and Bill at some confab, with the dewey eyed quip about history past. The two of them, together, talking. But in Steve Jobs’s announcement that Safari will run on Windows, the world that Steve wants is one where the web is brought to you by just […]