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LOLcat of the day

Ohai, it can be found hereKthxbye

History of Photoshop’s beginnings

Ah, memories. [via Kottke] Sixteen years ago, I learned Photoshop using version 1.7. In late 92 at Comdex, I remember then-Photoshop Product Manager Jeff Parker demonstrating the all-new QuickMask in a beta version of Photoshop 2.5. (I was in the booth to demo Kai’s Power Tools) I think layers came about in version 3, with […]

When Harry met Tony

Comparing Harry Potter and Tony Soprano. [via JD Lasica] The former books I have read. The latter TV series I have not watched. (But I did read all the spoilers, except for the ones converted to ROT-13) I’m a little concerned about the timing of this summer’s Book 7 release. It won’t be easy for […]

Spot the fake smile

Saw this do it yourself science test to spot real and fake smiles at Daily Dish, along with a (possible) spoiler, describing the portion of face that signals a genuine smile. So my results (17 out of 20) were better than Andrew Sullivan’s (roughly 50-50). I won’t describe the spoiler here. If you take the […]

Another story about the Hadzabe situation

on In it, we learn the name of the United Arab Emirate royals who expect Tanzania to move those people off of the land that they want. Royals from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and their UAE Safari Ltd count on Tanzanian government support to drive out the Hadzabe, also called “Bushmen”. …UAE Safari […]