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Good commentary on FourthBranch

Two places that have had insightful analysis about the WaPo series on Dick FourthBranch Cheney (have you read #3 yet?) are: Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings: War Crimes, Abu Graib, Weakness & Dysfunction And emptywheel at The Next Hurrah, who’s been posting lots of good stuff on it (she’s the Libby Trial liveblogger of note from […]

Our 4th branch of Government

Our 4th branch of Government

The WaPo series of articles about how Cheney has done an end-run on everyone has me steamed. Not that I wasn’t steamed already. I remember reading something about John Perry Barlow about the Cheney he knew. JPB said “I believe he is personally indifferent to greed.” Before I went and looked up the exact quote, […]

Get ready for a Sonic Boom, So Cal

The Shuttle’s gonna land at Edwards at 3:49 pm Eastern. That’s 12:49 Pacific. double-boom! (Why in CA? Cause the weather in Florida is pretty sucky for a landing) Update: heard the booms about 10 mins ago at 12:46 (by my computer’s clock). Florida Today says shuttle safely landed.

ice cream social

is a scream. Wonkette unearths some capitol anony-board w/ conversation about where the social is. And something else.

Culture of Life, example 4390-24.6345

Maybe this “collateral damage” could have been avoided if the targets (read: children) had been called, say, stem cells? No? how about snowflake children, then?

There’s been a cute disturbance in The Force

Ohai! I can has mashup! The force is strong with this one. kthxbye!