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Smashing’s cool icons

Smashing Magazine has become more and more a must go to site. They’ve posted gallery scripts, web 2.0 icons and buttons and (she said breathlessly) more! Such as for instance a CSS tipsheet.

Remember AppleLink?

Remember AppleLink?

I’ve been hunting through some old files and old CDs I burned long time ago. (like 10 years ago. wow). There’s a folder called “modem” and files in there for working with AppleLink. AppleLink. Look at the dates on these files: (When I saw Garret’s nostalgiac link to a 56K modem, I didn’t think I’d […]

ScobleShow and a commenter

Scoble’s got a show with the three BlogHer founders. (I have never watched more than one minute of any of the Scoble Shows. This one was no exception. They’re too long, and you must click the flash player in order to even find out precisely how long they are. Further, they use streaming flash which […]

How to kill a refrigerator

Stray coffee beans. That little not-well-closed coffee container spilled beans all over the inside of the freezer. Who knew that there is a vent intake just inside the door on the bottom surface of the freezer? Why, those beans just slipped down the vent holes with the same unpracticed ease of a toddler who holds […]

YouTube video: From congress committee chairman’s perspective

Sunlight Foundation blogs (and embeds the video): Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) took a video camera and filmed the first user created video from the perspective of a Congressional Committee Chairman. Watching them watch us. Oh, and what committee is he chair of? The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet. (emphasis mine)

Out of the mouth of Newlywed

“Getting off the internet is kind of like a honeymoon.” —Jill Doughtie, nee Davis (in answer to the question, “So did you go anywhere over your long weekend after you got married?”)