Why soldiers back home seldom speak of war

You hear it a lot: Men and women soldiers went to war. When they came home, they would not often speak of what they’d done and seen.”


“When I got back from Iraq, all my friends and family wanted to hear stories about what it was like over there. But I wasn’t in the mood to tell stories. I figured it was because I was burned out. Yet, even now, I still hesitate to tell stories about what happened in Iraq.

“To talk about some of the things that happened…I simply can’t do them justice,� she said. “I can’t explain in words what it was like and to try to do so cheapens it somehow.�

2 responses to “Why soldiers back home seldom speak of war”

  1. Mary Lu

    She’s absolutely right. I’ve interviewed and talked to a lot of vet’s including my own father about his action in WWII. What happened over there stayed with him his entire life and colored what he said and did. Dad was a sniper. His creative outlet was to go hunting.

  2. Chell

    I’ve often wondered why this is, especially with my grandfather. This sheds an unexpected light on it (I’d assumed it was simply because the memories were ugly), and is very helpful for understanding.