What to do with that old cel phone lying around

Recycle it. It’s a patriotic thing. A Memorial Day thing. Mary Lu Wehmeier calls attention to a Very Good Cause: Cel Phones for Soldiers.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a charity that was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from Norwell, MA with about $20 of their own money. There hope is to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2007. To do so, Cell Phones for Soldiers needs to collect 15,000 cell phones each month through a network of more than 3,000 collection sites across the country or through your donation being sent via a prepaid mailing envelope. The donated phones are then recycled by a company and the funds from your old phones are donated to purchase the deeply discounted calling cards for our men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces overseas.

Get rid of techno-clutter, and help a soldier. Cool.

By the way, MaryLu wants to spread the word about this, so please visit, and if you blog, please link her site.

One response to “What to do with that old cel phone lying around”

  1. GoingLikeSixty

    I was skeptical that a couple of teenagers could pull this off.
    I’m not anymore.
    What a cool thing for them to do. Here’s a story about one benefactor