In praise of Objecty

What’s the quickest, easiest way to embed movies into your web page? Objecty— a javascript code library that takes care of all the wicked object embedding code.

It incorporates a ton of media file types:

  • MP4- MPEG 4
  • FLV – Flash Video
  • WMP- Windows Media Player
  • MOV – QuickTime movie
  • YouTube
  • Google Video

No more worrying about adding extra size for the controllers. No more complex froo frah when media embedding got more complex than when I first learned it circa 1997. (OMG. 10 years ago. Susan, meet internet dog years. I’m ancient.)

At BarCamp LA, Charles Wiltgen presented an excellent overview of streaming media and told us about Objecty. He says it’s beta. Be forewarned. But damn, it’s useful!!!

I also had to update my list of MIME types for ExpressionEngine in order to upload media files. Found this list of MIME types a helpful reference. MP4 and FLV weren’t a part of the MIME universe.

Semi on-topic, or why I wanted to embed a movie in the first place:

Want to know how to get into a Gizmo Project conference call?

I made a demo movie because it should be easier than it seems. And if you want to chat while you scan documents, I’m holding a scanfest tomorrow, Sunday, from 11-2 Pacific time. All the deets on the linked page. It’s fun!