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Very Cool: TIME magazine archive goes back to 1923

I totally love this: Search TIME’s archives. List your restuls for oldest first, in order to see what they were writing at TIME magazine back in 19 and 23. (this is way cool. I discovered something about my grandma by searching in the MIT school paper archives) Here’s the obit of Charles Steinmetz in November […]

In which I discover that I’m an omnivore

Take the Technology Use Quiz, as part of a report given by Pew / Internet Trust. Technology & Media Use page, Report [PDF] [via TimeGoesBy] So I’m an Omnivore. I say I’m an Outlier. Median age for this group: 28. How I differ from the median: +20 years. This group is primarily male. Nope. Not […]

So, Now we wait. Again

Morgan Pardee writes about hearing the news that six of her son’s compatriots were killed in Iraq. Six members of my son’s company died yesterday in Diyala Province, Iraq, killed in a massive explosion that entirely destroyed a Stryker vehicle. Only one person survived. My daughter-in-law spent the whole day with her best friend and […]

The Queen and Orbital Mechanics

The Queen and Orbital Mechanics

NASA/Bill Ingalls Goddard Space Flight Center: On the preparation and rush to get the Queen into an earth-to-space-station conference with astronauts aboard the space station. Scripted down to the minute. Because, well, once you go into orbital blackout, being a Royal Personage won’t bring back the conference call. And: NASA page on the call and […]