Conference call coolness

Yesterday I had a conference call with members of my family. It was a glorious connection that combined both Voice over Internet and Phone over landline technology.

I set it up using Gizmo Project. A while back, my Bro-ski urged me to try out Gizmo Project, and we use it to talk from time to time.

I investigated the conference call feature for a little virtual get together called Scanfest (Scan old photos or documents. Chat with others doing the same. Overcome procrastination by making it A Social Event. Blogged here and here and here ).

Note: Scanfest is happening this Sunday, but I’ll be at the LA Times Book Festival instead.

Bro-ski and I each went to my conference room in Gizmo Project, and then we told our brother to call the land-line number and then enter my conference room number. So he and Mom and Dad (who were visiting him) participated by land line and speaker phone.

I love it when technology works like that. I think of conference calls as a corporate thing, but the VoiP and LandLine combination make it fun and personal.

(note: If you want to try it out and are using a Mac iBook/Powerbook w/ built in microphone, the minimum equipment requirement is this: A set of earbuds/headphones to listen to the conversation. Otherwise your speakers will play the other person’s voice– which is then picked up by the mic and sent back to the person. It’s unnerving to talk when you hear your own voice come back, with a slight time delay. USB headsets are also good.)