Disk drive hidden in a book.

An 80 gb disk drive in a moleskine case. Lovely. I’ve got a dead-ish toshiba 80 gig drive that I replaced. I was actually thinking of taking it apart just because. But I totally love what Zonageek did with an outgrown (but still operating) laptop disk drive. [via BoingBoing and Dangerousmeta ]

I did the same sort of thing once to make a hidey hole on a bookshelf. I think it was a Nancy Drew mystery or something from that era.

Doc M: “That’s like all the stuff they put in Altoid tins….
‘I’ve got a DVD drive in my Altoids tin!’
‘That’s nothing; I have my whole laptop in an Altoids tin!'”
[ed note: I have seen the very large Altoid cases, where DVDs and Laptops are, well, possible]
Doc M continues, “‘Lamers! I’ve got six SGIs running in parallel in my Altoid tin.'”

4 responses to “Disk drive hidden in a book.”

  1. garret

    OK, I want Doc M’s six-SGI Altoid tin … really bad.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Garret, it’s prolly safe to say so does he. But that reminds me– I’ve been meaning to blog Doc M’s really really quiet computer that he built.

  3. garret

    That’s bait-and-switch, that is. [grumble, grumble.]

  4. Susan A. Kitchens

    Well, er, the “conversations” about Altoid tins and what they held– it was a happy what-if riff (so bloggable). However, Doc M has a friend whose specialty is ultra-miniature circuitry, so I could ask….