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Make this earth day the last one

WorldChanging says: “By making this Earth Day our last, we can signal that the time for mere awareness is over, and the time for real transformation has arrived.” [via Kottke]

Clicks, morter, booksellers and housing market

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: California Authors provides a tale of two booksellers: Best of Times: Jeff Bezos of Amazon just plunked down $30 million for a Beverly Hills estate 12,000 square feet. Worst of Times: San Francisco independent bookseller store owner Andy Ross is closing Cody’s books […]

The sun in stereo

Via NASAwatch is word that there’s been a press conference and announcement of Stereo 3D images of our own best beloved sun! I’m dusting off my red-blue glasses to take a peek. Prolly more news stories will emerge on this today. But I looked. That glowing disc in the sky is actually spherical. Solar TErrestrial […]