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Catching more flies with honey

…and preventing bank robberies that way, too. [via]

We are Virginia Tech

A YouTube video by a VT student, Bryce, aka ntcoolfool.

Web work-collaboration apps

I’ve used some of the 37-signals web apps: basecamp. Campfire. I’m trying out the ZOHO-suite of apps. Are you reading this right now? Want to play? Are you using ZOHO? Can I test sharing stuff with you? (comment here, or, on AIM/ichat, contact auntialias) (once I stop, I’ll edit this line to strike out the […]

Mode-switch thrash

Previously mentioned: that how to check email 2x/day, by Tim Ferriss that SXSW-ers have been chatting up. Podcast of session here. The trick to the check email 2x per day is to batch all those tasks at once, and get out of the habit of checking email every few minutes. It’s the mode-switching where time […]