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Olive this story: Pit Explusion Laboratory

LA Times covers Caltech’s Olive Oil experiment. Take 130 trees dropping olives on campus walkways. Add in students seeking prankish respite from their studies. Mix in a French-born university president with a taste for Mediterranean cuisine. That’s the formula for making olive oil at Caltech. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase Dabney Eats […]

Double Delight

A rose from his garden Shafts of dawn sunlight: Ah, bliss! Computer still asleep.

Hollywood Ending

Wired Magazine: How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran. Based on a True Story! Now it can be told! Seriously, this is jaw-droppingly cool. [via BoingBoing] Then Mendez hit upon an unusual but strangely credible plan: He’d become Kevin Costa Harkins, an Irish film producer leading his preproduction crew […]

Conference call coolness

Yesterday I had a conference call with members of my family. It was a glorious connection that combined both Voice over Internet and Phone over landline technology. I set it up using Gizmo Project. A while back, my Bro-ski urged me to try out Gizmo Project, and we use it to talk from time to […]

Disk drive hidden in a book.

An 80 gb disk drive in a moleskine case. Lovely. I’ve got a dead-ish toshiba 80 gig drive that I replaced. I was actually thinking of taking it apart just because. But I totally love what Zonageek did with an outgrown (but still operating) laptop disk drive. [via BoingBoing and Dangerousmeta ] I did the […]

RSS in plain english

It’s a video. Illustrated with paper. Nicely done.