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Awwww Otters holding hands

brief video. Which makes me wonder… when animals watch human engage in animalistic behavior, do they say aawwww in their animalistic minds? Are they animalocentric?

Studio recording, distributed across the ‘Net

NPR ran a story yesterday, A Home Recorder’s Dream. This audio essay by musician Jeffrey Pepper Rogers paints a detailed picture that’s an example of the How The Net is Changing The Way We Create and It’s People-Powered Creative Endeavors memes. So glad I was in the car when that story ran. If you didn’t […]

Constructing the World’s Highest Bridge

Photo essay. A bridge emerging from clouds. [via-I-can’t-remember-who. (It’s tab-closing time) Probably BoingBoing. But it coulda been MakingLight.]

Super Mario Legos

Lego stop motion. Lovely soundtrack. A Grinner. [via BoingBoing]

8500 Bottle Rockets

ingenuity, homemade tools, and pyromania. [via TNH’s Particles]

Good questions about domain name registrars

Good set of questions to ask about domain name registrars; questions to ask before you pick one. (or even after, to evaluate whether you want to stay with them.) Hostgator — even tho they offer domain hosting, recommends separating the domain name registration from hosting. I think that’s wise, too. I think that Al Hawkin’s […]