The Wonder of a Grandfather Clock

I promised pictures. Finally, here they are. And sound, too.

Listen to the tick, the clock, the chime while you feast your eyes on brass gears and levels and all manner of mechanical delight inside a Grandfather Clock case. Audio is just under 1 min.


The Clock Face

The front of the clock

Open up the side window– just to the right of the 3 of the clock, and look inside.
Here are the gears that hide behind the clock face:
Gear box interior

It looks like those wind-up music boxes, doesn’t it? With the little spokes timed to play a tune. In this case, there are three tunes it can play….
music box dial

…and these are the hammers that strike the tune.
hammers strike a tune

Look inside from the other side–the 9 of the clock side–down at the weights and the swinging pendulum below:
looking down on pendulum

4 responses to “The Wonder of a Grandfather Clock”

  1. Kelly

    The audio is delectable!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Thanks! It’s amazing how quickly we’ve gotten used to the clock chimes. That which is nostalgiac for some other time and place (my grandpa’s for instance, Doc M for his Mom) now has become our current time and place.

  3. Janell

    I love that you included an audio file. A grand old clock isn’t complete without its sound. =)

  4. Susan A. Kitchens

    Indeed, and thanks for saying as much, Janell. I installed the WordPress Flash audio doo hickey player just so you could hear the clock. The gears and stuff.. well, interesting, but then to listen to the whirring as the clock chimes– wow! 😀