Catty comments about Operating System names

In the alphabet of names, does Panther come before Leopard?

MacOS is so stupid, sometimes

Numbers and names for operating systems. Me? I like names for domain names and web sites. I remember much easier than I remember, say,

But there are times when numbers are better than names. Such as for software version numbers. Operating system versions. I know that 10.2.8 is an earlier operating system than 10.3.9, which is earlier still than 10.4.7. But if we’re talking about the names of those OSes, don’t ask me to tell you which is which. If my life depended on telling you which cat is associated with which number, I’m a dead woman.

Today is computer maintenance day and I know that this one is running 10.3.9 and that one is running 10.4.7. I gotta offload the contents of powerbook disk drive and reformat the drive (or — gulp– replace it). I’ve heard good things about Carbon Copy Cloner. But the directions are all panther this and panther that. So I have to go and look up what cat is which version.

So I’m making my own cheat sheet so that Apple (it’s easy! it’s usable! it’s a lie!) operating system names are comprehensible.

10.0 Cheetah
10.1 Puma
10.2 Jaguar
10.3 Panther
10.4 Tiger
10.5 Leopard

Source: Wikipedia

Nope, the names aren’t in alphabetical order.

Ah well, and Don Quixote did also tilt at windmills.

2 responses to “Catty comments about Operating System names”

  1. Robert 'Groby' Blum

    Have a look at SuperDuper, too. It’s a fairly nifty tool.

    And allows you to make bootable .dmg’s, to boot. (OK. That’s a weak pun. Sorry 😉

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    I won’t accept your apology about the pun. I don’t think an apology is necessary. I love puns. 😀 Never, ever understood why people “groan” in response to them.

    It took lotsa time, but the Carbon Copy Cloner backup to disk image is done (don’t know if it’s bootable or not). I suppose (I’ve got more disk space on the spare disk, and redundancy, in the matter of backing up and reformatting a disk, is A Good Thing) as a test, I could do another with SuperDuper.