Brother Theodore back from the dead

Stand-up Tragedy. Local Los Angeles theatre, dark humor: The Jewish Journal highlights Robert Trebor in his performance of and homage to Brother Theodore. I saw the performance the same night as the article’s author; Trebor is a friend of a friend, and I’d heard about the show from my friend.

It’s a reprisal and adaptation of a small show that Theodore Gottleib–aka Brother Theodore– performed on Saturday nights at midnight in Greenwich Village. Described thus: “an apocalyptic one-man show about life, death, and broccoli.” Trebor–who’d seen Theodore’s show in New York many times– tried to do a midnight show, but omigod! people in L.A. won’t, like, go to midnight shows. All right, then. 10pm. And so it is.

It’s at the Skylight Theatre, down a teeny alley behind Skylight Books in Los Feliz area (1816 1/2 Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. (310) 358-9936). This Saturday, there are two shows– 8 and 10.

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