Design irritations

A post about what it takes to overcome annoying designs. [via daily dish] Here’s a description of something that makes me go razzum frazzum:

Auto-numbering in Microsoft Word, which behaves like a peevish poltergeist, randomly changing number and letter headings, creating and destroying tabs, etc., instead of almost any other numbering utility I can imagine.

update: the first comment in response to the post is a gem:

Microsoft Word’s numbering process is flexible and logical and changes nothing at random. I know this because I’ve read a complete and detailed explanation of how it works. It was 25 pages long.

5 responses to “Design irritations”

  1. Kelly

    I have lost many hours to MS Word’s automatic numbering–hours that I needed to be writing good content. Instead, it was delete delete delete to take the auto out of the automatic numbering. I fiddled with tabs and indents no end. And God help you if you’re working in a table.

  2. Michael

    The autocorrection feature in Word can also be pretty irritating. I live in Germany, but in some of my projects, all documents are in English. So, everytime I write “for” Word thinks I actually wanted to write the German Word “für”. Until I switch autocorrection off.

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    Michael, all I can say to that is Scheisse! (hope I spelled it right)

  4. Michael

    The spelling is correct, though I usually utter the Englisch translation because its a foreign word, and thus sounds less offensive (just in case).

  5. Susan A. Kitchens

    Too funny. I probably use the German version on occasion for the same reason– it’s a bit more remote. 🙂