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Good questions about domain name registrars

Good set of questions to ask about domain name registrars; questions to ask before you pick one. (or even after, to evaluate whether you want to stay with them.) Hostgator — even tho they offer domain hosting, recommends separating the domain name registration from hosting. I think that’s wise, too. I think that Al Hawkin’s […]

Kathy Sierra: Death Threats Against Bloggers are not “Protected Speech”

A post that explains why Kathy Sierra isn’t at ETech right now, delivering a presentation and a keynote. This is truly ugly. (emphasis in original) Most of all, I now fully understand the impact of death threats. It really doesn’t make much difference whether the person intends to act on the threat… it’s the threat […]

Space Shuttle Processing

The fuel tank arrives by sea, and then everything is all assembled together. A photo show of assembling the space shuttle. [via dangerousmeta] Related: my photos of touring Kennedy Space Center.

PowerPoint Karaoke

PowerPoint Karaoke Originally uploaded by boogah. I missed the opening slide that explains what all Powerpoint Karaoke is about. You can see photos of powerpoint karaoke (a handful), but really, they’re just boring photos of slides. It was what the speakers did with them that was so cool.

Powerpoint Karaoke at BarCamp LA 3

My “all about BarCamp LA 3” posts are going to have to come in dribs and drabs. But the first one has to be about the Saturday Night entertain yourself phenom: Powerpoint Karoke. Here’s how to do it, as performed by TV (? that’s what they called him), who emceed this portion of the procecedings/shenanigans. […]