Gen flash?

Is there a generation gap for user experience? The stuff my generation won’t abide is stuff that a younger generation finds wicked cool. Er, uh, including Flash.

2 responses to “Gen flash?”

  1. dan

    Hooboy… Have you run across Flex yet? Take some HTML, pour in some XML, add a touch of CSS and bake into a Flash application.

    …it’s the first I’d heard of “RIA” as a term, but it looks darned interesting.

    Age is relative (I hope!).

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    I’ve seen the name used, Dan. Haven’t looked too deeply. I like the fact that it’s more “open” than flash itself is. I’m taking first babysteps with ActionScript. After banging my head against PHP for a time, I don’t find it as incomprehensible as some of my graphic-designer classmates.