Spam recycling

My recycled spam A flash site that draws beautiful pictures from your spam emails. Considering that when I got up and checked emails, 400+ arrived overnight, of which maybe 4 were legit (forget 90% spam rate, let’s talk about 99% spam rate), it was nice to see this linked to at BoingBoing and have a bit of restorative beauty to assuage my spam-induced rage.

Also part of the BoingBoing webzen list: play/create, which I also visited recently. Fun.

2 responses to “Spam recycling”

  1. Robert 'Groby' Blum

    (How the heck did I get here? Your web site is on Barcamp-LA3, and I wanted to see who’s attending…)

    If you get 99% spam, you should take a look at *some* filters. Seriously – that’s way worse than anything I’ve seen. Ask your ISP if they can install SpamAssassin or something similar. Get a Bayesian filter for your mail program. (One of those you “train” to recognize spam). Whitelist your adress book into a separate folder.

    Or switch to gmail – they do a quite decent job at filtering, too….

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Thanks for stopping by! Yesterday probably was the all-time record: 1600-1800 incoming spams in one day. (I get all the bounced emails from spoofed email spams, and instead of the 1 time/month when they rotate “someMadeUpName [at] mydomainname [dot] com “into their spoof queue, those bastards have put my domain name into two nearly concurrent spam campaigns. As soon as bounces from the first campaign slowed down, the second one began. it’s hell.)

    I recently changed hosts to one that has better filtering, but damn, it takes a while to set things up. I prolly spent 1-2 hours just making these Current hosting is a stopgap, gonna switch again and get some custom filtering, but again, the bounced “undelieverable return to sender” stuff is bad. The way things are now, I can add the new “someMadeUpName” into the discard pile once it shows up. It’s gotten better. A little bit.