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Catty comments about Operating System names

In the alphabet of names, does Panther come before Leopard? Numbers and names for operating systems. Me? I like names for domain names and web sites. I remember much easier than I remember, say, But there are times when numbers are better than names. Such as for software version numbers. Operating system versions. […]

The Wonder of a Grandfather Clock

The Wonder of a Grandfather Clock

I promised pictures. Finally, here they are. And sound, too. Listen to the tick, the clock, the chime while you feast your eyes on brass gears and levels and all manner of mechanical delight inside a Grandfather Clock case. Audio is just under 1 min. [audio:Grandfather-Clock-Chime.mp3] Open up the side window– just to the right […]

File attachments from Exchange senders that you cannot open

Filed under notes to self and maybe this will help you, too. What is a winmail.dat file, and why should you care? Someone I know got an email w/ attachment with that name. Filetype unknown (it shows up in MacOS as a graphic converter document, but it is not). I was asked to help. Deadlines […]

Brother Theodore back from the dead

Stand-up Tragedy. Local Los Angeles theatre, dark humor: The Jewish Journal highlights Robert Trebor in his performance of and homage to Brother Theodore. I saw the performance the same night as the article’s author; Trebor is a friend of a friend, and I’d heard about the show from my friend. It’s a reprisal and adaptation […]

Design irritations

A post about what it takes to overcome annoying designs. [via daily dish] Here’s a description of something that makes me go razzum frazzum: Auto-numbering in Microsoft Word, which behaves like a peevish poltergeist, randomly changing number and letter headings, creating and destroying tabs, etc., instead of almost any other numbering utility I can imagine. […]

The Arrow of Time

One family’s set of annual photographs (June 17) to mark the passage of time. This reminds me of a photo project my Mom did: 5 kids, and each of our sets of school pictures — K – 12. All in a huge grid.