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The Treachery of Images: Ceci n’est pas un Oscar

Oscars tonight. Hollywood Blvd has been closed down for days (so they say) and the Metro isn’t stopping at the Hollywood and Highland stop (security, don’t you know) and tho I was invited to an Oscar Party (help celebrate big new Tee Vee), I am, alas, not going. The Magritte exhibit at LACMA is around […]

On Status Quo: He said, he said, she said, he said

Kottke said something. Eric responded. In so many words, Status Quo is okay. I like the way things are. It works as is. * On topic, but not part of the discussion thread: Shelley said, in a response to a comment I made: “The field needs to change.” (Ah! I went to Shelley’s site to […]

Muddle in the middle of the 1.5Bn MP3 license settlement

Just saw the news of a $1.52 Billion judgement against Microsoft in a too-brief article describing the jury award. Marketwatch has more on the muddle between two competing patent holders for the technology. Brandenburg is the person behind it. He worked at a German Lab (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft), and he also worked at Bell Labs. But (as […]

Friday cat blogging

Nope, not my cat. A cat that belongs to a different Susan. Cats sleep in the strangest places. Photo + Disclaimer (Yes the cat really does have a cat bed)

Why some women just can’t fit in

I’ve thought about this topic before. Maybe it comes from being the only girl with four brothers. But here’s a very intriguing story by Barbara Moses, as mentioned by by Dori Smith. I’ll quote the first few grafs: A few weeks ago, I overheard an envy fest between two women. Woman No. 1: “I wish […]

Ath Wednesday

Lundi Gras, Mardi Gras, Ath Wednesday. Today was different. Following on my post in response to the Food review of the CalTech Athenaeum, well, today was bordeaux tasting at the Ath. A few years back, Doc M went to a bordeaux tasting. Which was a revelation. It was where wine, good wine, was revealed to […]