Flash Sites. Mostly infographics

So I’m back taking another class at PCC again. This time: Flash.

10 years ago, Jeff Foster told me (ere I was about to complete a 700+ page book on Bryce), “Susan, you should write your next book about this cool thing that just came out. It’s called Flash. It’s gonna be big.” Needless to say, I didn’t. I write this 10 years later as a testament to the name of this site. So I’m learning Flash now.

I’ve got a (giggle) class assignment. Surf the web. Finding flash sites. I took a look at two or three of the sites on the list and said screw this.

Because I hate —hate— sites that have text in those narrow columns with custom-made scroll bars that have their own rules of behavior and then when you click a link, a dash squeezes sideways and grows into a long thin line which then fans out to become navigation links, or else is a designerly anorexic progress bar to tell you that something is downloading.

(And don’t get me started on a site that has a big rectangle in it and you can’t search a fracking thing. Searchable by google? Nope.)

I’d gone to one of the long-thin-progress-bar sites when I said, Feh, I’m gonna google some terms and see what I come up with. Gonna search my own site archives.

Info graphic gold. Tufte-prOn. (sorry, Edward. No disrespect meant. Far from it. But if there’s food porn, why not info graphic porn?)

Kudos to NiXLOG, who’s found many of these (and I’ll just come out right now and say how much I love NiXLOG’s blog header. omg, omg, he’s the one who came up with the Apple Sweet Spot info graphic a while back. But I digress.)

Herewith is the InfoGraphic Pr0n list:

  • State of the Union word list — Compares word usage year by year. Long tall columns of text display the occurences of certain words. If you don’t like the words on the
  • Next Generation Foundation: Map of CreativityA way to navigate through a bunch of projects. (log in, rate em, submit your own. I’ll probably submit WriteGirl to it). Nice balance between visual info eye candy and functionality.
  • Maps of War.com. I’ve linked there before.
  • XPlane. Great little “zoomer drag thing” on their clients and problems pages (click the detail thingie at left to see zoomer)
  • Katrina infographics
  • Sept 11 infographics. Again, from NiXLOG’s site page. (yay for Firefox’s Find and Highlight all feature. Flash)

And, more notes to self re: Flash.
A List Apart Category: Flash. Coding, embedding and all that good stuff.

I’ll be adding to this, I’m sure. Do you have any fave flash sites? (info graphic or no.)

Bembo’s Zoo Flash alphabetical bestiary. Makes my calligrapher-heart smile big. (roll over the M. Doc M said, “That’d make a great ring tone.”)

3 responses to “Flash Sites. Mostly infographics”

  1. dan

    Darn you*g*; now I’ll be up all night!

    (Thanks, Susan)

  2. That Work at Home Guy

    Flash still sucks. It sucked 10 years ago. It sucks now. Why? No standards.

    That said, cartoon sites, videos and games sites all benefit from Flash so it does have its place.

    However, it’s like that old truism – if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem tends to look like a nail.

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    heh. I’m currently connected to the net on Doc M’s linux box w/ a 64-bit processor. See tons of rectangles with flash plugin icons all over the place. (tho I did find a kludge wrapper that may make it possible for him to see flash on this computer)

    Agree on the standards bit. Love what’s possible with vector-based graphics for cartoons/movies/infographics. But an entire website that’s hidden behind a flash anorexic “Loading…” progress bar? Ick ick ick.

    “People scan text on the web” bashes head to head with somebody’s notion that I know how you surf better than you do, and I’m so full of myself that I’ll make you wait 3 seconds while I make the navigation fly out of some inane line. I am so outta here. (that being said, JK Rowling’s web site is damn cool)