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The Speaker’s Blog

Nancy Pelosi has a blog. It’s a WordPress blog. (posts by staffers). Lotsa YouTube items for different speakers debating the Iraq Escalation, er, scuse me, surge bill.

Show me the money

….or at least the receipts. Joseph Galloway on Paul Bremer’s appearance at a congressional hearing. I can think of no period in American history when we sat idly by while $12 billion just disappeared, poof, without a paper trail; without heads rolling; without someone going to prison. And all this was happening at a time […]

No Phil in Antarctica this year

I have enjoyed Phil Jacobsen’s stories of wintering in Antarctica. Just checked out the site, and no, he’s not going. He does give Antarctica story surfers a link with more links, though. Which contains this wistful and practical note about life and loss (saying goodbye to those who’re leaving) at the South Pole: If you’re […]

Veteran PTSD Resource

PTSD A readjustment rewsource for 21st Century Global War on Terror Veterans