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Portrait of Honest Abe

Lincoln Portrait: The story of a daguerrotype of a young man, believed to be Abraham Lincoln. Purchased at an art gallery in 1977. Resembles Lincoln. Can plastic and reconstructive surgeons help make an identification?

Cascading Style Sheets: A serif font for Linux

My beau Doc M got a new flatscreen monitor, and has constructed a new linux box that’s worth a post in itself– a quiet very very quiet thing that’s got off-the-shelf parts that evolved from casemods of old (larger, slower fans, and a fancy-dan dual bungee-ribbon contraption to hold the hard disk drive: No sound […]

Google Analytics in WordPress

All Your Stats are Belong to Us. I’m looking to use Google Analytics on a couple of WordPress sites. (I use Google Analytics for my Family Oral History site. Am planning to add it this site and for my just transferred to WP site– So that means exploring the plugins that are available for […]