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Al Hawkins surfaces to tell us that he’s been quiet. But okay.

I heard from him in email, and he posted to his blog. 😀

Windows and security

Bill Gates has been making the rounds, shilling for Vista. I saw him on The Daily Show, making claims about how reliable Windows is, compared to MacOS. That one didn’t pass the smell test. I did like how Jon Stewart tried to get him to reveal his password, but otherwise the interview seemed kinda lightweight […]

the machine is us/ing us

Youtube movie. About the web and web 2.0, by Michael Wesch, Ass’t Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University. [via boingBoing]

It would be tempting to say

that this story makes the case for robotic space science over manned and womanned spaceflight. Perhaps I should just leave it at “noted, without comment.” But ouch, just ouch. More from NASA-watch.

Can Washington get smart about science?

LA Times Editorial co-authored by Chris Mooney (author of The Republican War on Science) and Alan Sokal (Physics professor and perpetrator of the great post-modernist hoax where he submitted to an academic journal a paper filled with postmodern gobbledegook) [via David Brin] The hoax sparked debate and reflection within academia. Such introspection on the academic […]