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Anyone heard from Al Hawkins lately?

He’s been awfully silent. (I’ve emailed, heard nothing, but email’s been weird lately, so I tried again to and from a different address) UPDATE 6 Feb: I heard from Al in email. 🙂 Whew.

Watching the clouds go by… (on Mars)

Opportunity—that rover, you know— has been on Mars so long and done so much science looking at rocks and soil on the ground that, well, her makers said she could just chill and look up and watch the clouds go by. This animation allows you to see what Opportunity sees.

Science under congressional microscope reports that Vermont congressman Peter Welch is chairing a committee to look into government interference with science. (the article is derived from one by the Burlington Free Press) “There was a story about a scientist who got authorized to speak at a conference. He was prohibited from using the phrase ‘global warming.’ He […]

Hoax News

We distort. You deride. Oh Boston, Boston… you’re so much better at tea parties!