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Flash Sites. Mostly infographics

So I’m back taking another class at PCC again. This time: Flash. 10 years ago, Jeff Foster told me (ere I was about to complete a 700+ page book on Bryce), “Susan, you should write your next book about this cool thing that just came out. It’s called Flash. It’s gonna be big.” Needless to […]

New Horizon Flies By Jupiter, by Jove!

Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society has been blogging the New Horizons fly-by Jupiter. The image feed shows the approach with Jupiter getting bigger, bigger, and then, the target is the moon Io. Did the space craft go there just to get pictures? No, it went there to get a gravity assist on its way […]

Perfect Timing

Sunday night, we Doc M installed the new replacement battery for the Uninterrupted Power Supply [UPS] that a friend gave me. All that’s left is to unplug everything (and vacuum dust underneath desk) and re-plug in new UPS. Monday evening, about 6:00, the power cuts out for a few hours. No, I hadn’t hooked up […]


Saw this at BoingBoing. “the rising popularity of “co-working” spaces for independent, internet-age freelancers who are burnt out on working from their homes (cons: too isolating, makes you crazy, no work/life boundaries) and don’t want to just work out of Starbucks” A while back I looked into and wrote about co-op spaces for writers, which […]

William Wray, Painter of Blight

Blog, with images of his paintings, discussion. Via the quickly-become-indispensible Foothill Cities blog.

At the scene of the accident

Scrappycj (of the brilliant wit) has a blog. She stops at the scene of a car accident, and tells the story of giving aid and comfort. The car doesn’t appear to be leaking anything and I’m glad it’s not going to be that kind of movie… I slip in the dirty wet leaves trying to […]