War Casualties

This story is infuriating. Soldier goes to Iraq, comes back. Is depressed. Many in his division were killed in action. He seeks help. Is told to wait. No, really, I’m feeling down, I’m feeling suicidal. Sorry, there are others in line ahead of you. It does not end well.

There are many comparisons between Vietnam and Iraq. One thing that’s different is the rate of deaths. So many more died in the Vietnam War. It’s because battlefield medicine is better. Soldiers in Iraq are surviving wounds that woulda killed soldiers in Vietnam.

Which means that many more wounded soldiers are returning to the U.S. More who’ve got PTSD — Post traumatic stress disorder, as Jonathan Schulze did.

Rest in peace, Jonathan Schulze. Thank you for your service. I am so deeply sorry that our nation did not take care of you.

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2 responses to “War Casualties”

  1. Sharon Riley

    I had friends who were in the Vietnam war. I know all about ptsd…it is real! That does infuriate me, I am happy to be asked to comment. Too bad none of our senator’s kids aren’t in this war. The vets would be treated alot better, I’m sure, from medical care, to financial benefits. For that reason only, maybe we should bring back the draft, see how things would change for the vets!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Well, there IS a Senator whose son is serving. He’s new. Sen Jim Webb, D-VA. He gave the response to the State of the Union message last week.

    And actually, he — and his respose — only serve to underscore your point. I believe that, first off, he introduced a bill that would establish something akin to the New G.I. bill.