Tagging Begats. 5 things meme, redux

Trust a genealogist to follow the tagging begats. I got tagged in December, and wrote my five and then tagged five–deliberately choosing new people, one of whom is the host of the genealogy carnival. She caught on and now it’s going gangbusters among geneabloggers. And Randy Seaver is keeping track of multiple generations of tagging. And I? I feel like a proud tagging matriarch. 😉

(I really should be posting this from Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, too, but oh well)

One response to “Tagging Begats. 5 things meme, redux”

  1. Jasia

    Shall we call you “The Instigator”?

    It’s been fun! We’ve all gotten to know each other better thanks to you, Susan. Hat’s off to ya!