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Happy Birthday, MaryLu

Hello MaryLu and Happy Birthday!


Using MacOS? MacSanta is a site/page listing a bunch of MacOS software developers who are offering their wares with a 20% discount until (or through) tomorrow, December 25. I’m happy with my discount on Ambrosia Snaps Pro for creating screencast movies. 😀

Champagne with leftover macaroni n cheese

So Wednesday night was supposed to be the wine tasting at the Athenaeum: champagne. Last year’s was splendid– a dozen different champagnes. But we got our names in too late; it was already full. Ah well. So I says to Doc M, well, let’s have our own champagne. With popcorn. I kid you not, this […]

Shuttle discovery set to land at KSC

(this news brought to you courtesy of florida today’s cel phone alerts). Firing engines to get into position. landing set for just under 1 hour from now in Florida (at 5:32 pm local time). Follow events here I s’pose that the crew in cockpit are singing, “I’ll be home for Christmas…” 😉 (I heard a […]

Winter begins today

Actually, in a little under two hours, according to this almanac: The precise moment of the 2006 solstice will be December 21, 2006 at 7:22 P.M. EST (Dec. 22, 00:22 UT) That’s at 4:22 pm this afternoon, Pacific Time. In about 1 and 1/2 hours. Er, um, Happy Summer to everyone down under!

My small offering to the Carl Sagan blog-a-thon

Ten years, is it? Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Carl Sagan. An intrepid soul announced a Carl Sagan blog-a-thon. Okay, I’ve got one thing to say, where I sorta almost shared a bit of something with Carl’s last public appearance. Ten years ago this past summer, I created a couple of […]