Hippy Happy Huzzah!

It’s the last post of the year. I resolve to post pictures of rose floats in progress in 2007. I’ll get that outta the way first thing, perhaps during the parade.

My New Year’s resolution energies have been greatly expended over at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, where I note personal and website resolutions.

Among the myriad optimistic tasks I note there is one I’m kinda excited about because it can become a huge free for all… Surf the web Scantastic. For those times when you’ve got documents you need to scan.. family letters, photos, whatever. It’s time for a big web scanning party weekend, where we do the drugery deed at once knowing that others are, and have a simultaneous chat or phonecon or something to visit while the scanner light goes back and forth. Like it? Stay tuned!

Here’s wishing happy adventures and ventures and gains! (uh, in the nothing ventured nothing gained-kinda way. Not talking about whachoo see when you step on the scale. I resolved to gain weight this eyar and I succeeded! uh, er….)

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