Betwixt and Between

We’re smack dab in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

An apt observation on Christmas: When you’re young, it’s all about the presents. When you’re older, it’s all about the food. True. Christmas day was spent cooking.

Santa brought me an amazing discovery, which I generously share with you:

Parchment Paper Rocks. Especially when making pie crust.

Set a sheet of parchment paper on the rolling surface. Flour it as usual, roll out pie dough as usual. Be sure to flip dough over and rotate it 45° in the early stages so that it doesn’t stick to the surface below. Here’s the payoff: When it comes time to roll the crust around the rolling pin in order to transfer from board to pie dish, the parchment paper shines. You can use it to aid in that rolling-pin-in-a-blanket effect.

Christmas brings happiness on many levels. On the level of Kitchens’ kitchen confidential, this one fills me with joy.

This is also the week when rose parade floats get decorated with flowers. We took out of town guests to see what it’s all about. Have pictures. They’ll come later. Probably tonight. I’ve got work to do right now.

One response to “Betwixt and Between”

  1. Jill

    Baking pies sounds cozy. Warm week-between-holidays wishes from our house to yours. Love, Jill