Five Things You Should Know About Me

I’ve been tagged. 15 days ago, actually. I’ve thought off and on about what to say. I’m half tempted to blurt out stuff I’ll regret later (along the I drank too much wine Saturday night variety), or other deep, dark secrets. It’s been a tough autumn. And the things that come to mind are just not interesting enough to me in that “ooh! cool! Let’s do an internet meme thing.” I’d like to make this more lighthearted than I feel inside. So I’ve been letting this post sit in draft mode while I think of five things.

Okay, okay. here goes.

  1. I made apple pie for the first time ever just after Thankgiving. Didn’t eat any of it, tho. It came out of the oven late Sunday night and we had to leave early Monday morning. Made another one last weekend. Maybe undercooked, maybe not the right combination of apples. But I like the taste, if not the texture. It’s a recipe I plan to perfect.
  2. I have been recently published. In creative non-fiction. In the new Write Girl anthology.
  3. I studied New Testament Greek in college.
  4. My first roommate after college is the blogger known as Grrl, long known to me as Kelly Russell; she shall find herself tagged by the end of this post.
  5. I played D&D in college and sewed cloaks– my friends and I wore them around campus and were viewed as sorta weird. When I went to my 25th college reunion (where’d the time go?!) at the end of September, one of my classmates laughed and said, “You were goth before there was goth.” That cracks me up. Because other than the one night that a friend and I put on white-ish face makeup to go to the opening night (on a Friday the 13th, natch) of Frank Langella’s Dracula movie, I never went for any alteration of my appearance other than wearing the cloak. Oh, and my character? Luci Valiant, elven fighter. Strength: 18. Who knew? Killed by those upperclass D&Ders the first time Luci went on a trek with them — they had far more surivival points and could therfore do stupid shit that killed my character. It still pisses me off when I think about it. Jeffry Y, the dungeon master, did design a whole adventure that involved resurrecting Luci Valiant.

Now I am tagging five people. So go on then! Blog, blog! Spill your five things. Take your time, even! I certainly did.

Here’s to new-ish blogger Debbi Swanson
She’s been making such a good effort of late (and oh, such boots!) Kelly Russell
He’s fallen off the wagon for a while, so this is a way to encourage him to come back, come back! — Al Hawkins
We don’t live so far apart, and we finally (finally!) got together for coffee, so hey and Hello, Mary Lu Wehmeier
and finally
Jasia at Creative Gene, who began the Genealogy Carnival several months back, and let me take a round of hosting it in November.

5 responses to “Five Things You Should Know About Me”

  1. Jennifer Warwick

    Go WriteGirl! Congrats!

    And congrats on the pie, too – practice makes perfect (and you can never have too much pie!)

  2. Mary Lu

    We really need to start holding regular gatherings of the Junior League of Tech Savvy Women in SGV. Now that I think about it… It just might scare the hell out of us how many show up.

  3. Mary Lu

    Are you tagging me? Are you really tagging me? Ohmygosh! Thud!

  4. Susan A. Kitchens

    lol. yep. 🙂

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