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My small offering to the Carl Sagan blog-a-thon

Ten years, is it? Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Carl Sagan. An intrepid soul announced a Carl Sagan blog-a-thon. Okay, I’ve got one thing to say, where I sorta almost shared a bit of something with Carl’s last public appearance. Ten years ago this past summer, I created a couple of […]

Hubble holiday cards

Hubble Holiday Cards. [via Bad Astronomy] Choose one or more. With directions for how to print it yourself, or to send to vendors who do photo output from digital images. Why say Peace on Earth when you can have a picture of Mars on your holiday card? Or a nebula? or distant galaxies?

Five Things You Should Know About Me

I’ve been tagged. 15 days ago, actually. I’ve thought off and on about what to say. I’m half tempted to blurt out stuff I’ll regret later (along the I drank too much wine Saturday night variety), or other deep, dark secrets. It’s been a tough autumn. And the things that come to mind are just […]


Saw this at PapaScott’s: The English to 12-year-old translator. he did the beginning of the Declaration of Independence. I did something seasonal. Sorry about teh all-caps, but that’s the way it works: TWAS DA NIGHT BFOR3 CHRISTMAS WHEN AL THROUGH TEH HOUES NOT A CREATUR3 WAS STIRNG NOT EVEN A MOUES TH3!!1!111 S2KNGS W3RE HUNG […]