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Speaking of launches

Jason launched six* five years ago today. I was thrilled, pleased, proud. The Official Jason site notes the 5-year anniversary. *(I can’t count.)

Watching Shuttle Launch (or not)

Weather problems may or may not allow a launch. They’ll go from a 9 minute hold to resume count down and see how things are at T-minus 5 minutes. If clouds are okay, they’ll go, if not, they’ll scrub hold and see if things clear up. UPDATE: They gave it 5 minutes and weather remained […]

Truffles and wine pairings: A sybaritic delight born from chutzpah

So this person from the blog The Amateur Gourmet writes Alain Ducasse and tells him that his restaurant should feed The Amateur Gourmet (party of 2) his new White Truffle Dinner (value $320)— for free. For the blogging. This illustrated blog post is the result. [via Mary Hodder] Stunning. (and hilarious)